This week’s episode of the podcast features part two of an interview with Alistair Bill, minister of Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church in Belfast (you can listen to last week’s episode here).

Alistair talks about his ministry which has spanned over three decades and has taken him to both sides of the Irish border and he discusses some of the important things leaders need to be aware of.

Leaders need to pay attention to context (‘the leader’s first task is to define reality’ – Max Dupree), to God’s call, the ‘big picture’, and the importance of leading as a team.



revd-alistair-bill-saintfield-road-presbyterianAlistair Bill has been minister of Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church in Belfast for almost 24 years. In this week’s podcast – the first part of a two-part interview – Alistair talks about his early years, including how he came to faith through the ministry of Arthur Blessitt (remember him carrying his cross around Northern Ireland in 1972, and the smiley face stickers? – he is now into his 50th year of carrying the cross!) and how he began to sense God’s call into vocational ministry.

In part 2 of the interview (next week) Alistair talks about his years of ministry in Greystones, Monaghan, and his current church – Saintfield Road: he also shares some of the important leadership lessons he has picked up along the way.

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Here is this week’s interview:

The Leadership Journey Podcast 9: David McClay (part 2)

sligo-30-650x550This week’s episode picks up David McClay’s story and David talks about his ministry at Willowfield Parish Church in East Belfast. He shares some of his thinking about the Church in 21st century Northern Ireland (though there is plenty of potential application further afield). In days of challenge and opportunity, David’s conviction is that the Church needs to preach biblically, evangelise intentionally, and to be humble – we need to bend the knee to Jesus.

My sense is that a lot of people out there in society are very open to have conversations about Jesus – David McClay.

The Leadership Journey Podcast 8: David McClay (part 1)

sligo-30-650x550Archdeacon David McClay is Rector of Willowfield Parish Church in East Belfast. Along with his wife, Hilary, he leads the work of New Wine Ireland.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, David talks about his early years of coming to faith, beginning vocational ministry in the Church of Ireland, and some of the formative influences in his life . He also talks about the painful experience of losing his first wife when he was still a young minister, and how God worked in his life as a result of that experience.

(Part two of the interview will be next week).

The Leadership Journey Podcast Episode 7: Derek Tidball (part 2)


This week’s episode continues the conversation with Derek Tidball; Derek talks about some of the personal lessons he has learned along the way as a leader, we discuss the difference between having high standards and being a perfectionist, and between being a hard worker and a workaholic!

If you’d like to know more about Derek’s book on Joshua, here is my summary of it and you can pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon and other outlets.



The Leadership Journey Podcast Episode 6: Derek Tidball (part 1)

The guest on the next two episodes of the podcast is Dr Derek Tidball. Derek’s leadership roles have included ministry in a couple of Baptist churches as well as being Principal of London School of Theology: he is also the author of many books, including his most recent book, Lead Like Joshua.

Podcast supplement: reflect on your leadership journey

One of the ways you might like to follow up with this week’s podcast on the leadership journey of Moses is to reflect on some of the things that have contributed to your own leadership journey.

Keep in mind that while Moses’ story fits neatly into three stages, your journey may have more phases. Look out for events and times that have marked turning points between phases. Use the second template (or your own variation on it) to reflect on your own story.

 Key stages

Formative years

Exile years

Leadership years

Turning points Intervening against the Egyptian Meeting God at the edge of the desert Striking the rock
Defining moments Standing up for the Hebrew slave Choosing to intercede
Important people Mother, sister, Pharaoh’s daughter Wife, father-in-law Aaron, Joshua
Crucial decisions Deciding where his allegiance lay Defying Pharaoh and leaving Egypt
Times of testing Tests faced by his people and family The loss of his vision Complaints of the people
Notable successes Courage of others Signs and wonders
Regrettable failures Rejection Striking the rock
Life lessons Sense of injustice and of identity Experiencing the mighty hand of God
Sense of calling Choosing to stand with the Hebrews Call episode in chapter 3,4
Key stages Stage 1 Stage 2
Turning points      
Defining moments      
Important people      
Crucial decisions      
Times of testing      
Notable successes      
Regrettable failures      
Life lessons      
Sense of calling