Leadership Learnings: Philip Emerson

Philip Emerson is one of the lead pastors at Emmanuel Church in Lurgan, a church that was birthed in his living room, just over 20 years ago.


I asked him about his most significant leadership lesson and how he had learned it.

I’ve always loved team. You only have to go 3 or 4 words into the Bible and you find team (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). So I think my most significant lesson has been that if you have to not give glory to God for anything – and I don’t think that should happen – it should always go to a team. And I think I’ve always got cautious when I’ve heard people say ‘I’ or ‘my’ idea. And on the back of that, I think, raising another generation of leaders. I think we need to always be looking, fathering. That’s my biggest leadership lesson.

How he learned this?

I think by realising that all of us are smarter than one of us and all of us are smarter than some of us, and the more people I can get round the table talking about an idea, the better the idea becomes. So my ideas actually pale into insignificance and I think that’s been the big learning curve for me in leadership is actually the more people involved in the conversation the better it usually becomes.

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