If leaders are unlikely to drop from the sky, fully equipped with all the skills and character attributes necessary for the task of leadership, what kinds of things shape them to make them the leaders they eventually become?

I’ve been looking at this in the context of a Doctor of Ministry degree with Irish Baptist College/University of Chester.

Before engaging in the world of academics, I was a pastor for 21 years – most of that time in Switzerland.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I have been reading your posts with interest. I am currently writing a dissertation on mission to young people in rural communities highlighting the need for change within current approaches to church. in the Article posted on November 30, 2017, is the cartoon parodying the congregational response to change. It demonstrates what I am saying very well and would like to use it in my paper. Would you be happy for me do this?

    1. Hi David – I don’t have the copyright for that image – and I actually don’t know who owns it. Perhaps you should do a bit of a Google search and if you can’t find a copyright holder, use it in your dissertation and acknowledge it as copyright unknown.

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